MyCafeteriaShield Large Table Barrier

MyCafeteriaShield Large Table Barrier

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MyCafeteriaShield Large Table Partition For Students

Product Specs:
- 80"W x 20"D x 80"L
- 5MM plastic barrier with sturdy cardboard
- 6 Quadrants

- Proudly manufactured in the USA

Key Product Features:
- Lightweight, reusable and portable
- 4-Quadrants made for a large group table such as a cafeteria table
- Corrugated Frame
- Easy installation, no tools needed
- Can be used on a variety of desks, tables, and countertops
- Crystal-clear
- Cardboard and windows can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, or cleaning wipes


Manufactured in the USA

MyFaceShield was founded by a small manufacturing family-business in Sarasota, FL.


Great product! It arrived quickly and was exactly what I expected. I needed a face shield for my job. I am able to breath with ease and love that people can still see my face. I feel protected!